The Regulation of European Union 650/2012 concerns issuing of European Certificate of Succession. This document, issued by the respective competent authority for succession, may be used by heirs, legatees, executors and legacies to prove their legal position and to exercise their inheritance rights in all the countries-members of the European Union. Once issued, the European Certificate of Succession shall be recognized in all countries- members of EU without any special procedure being required.

As a member of the European Union, the Regulations of EU are binding on the Republic of Bulgaria and shall apply directly.

When Bulgaria is the competent country for issuance of the European Certificate of Succession, the competent authority shall be the District Court at the last permanent address of the deceased, if any, at its last address in the country and in the absence of any address in the country -before the Sofia District Court.

The usage of European Certificate of Succession is optional and does not displace the respective inheritance certificates issued by individual countries-members in the European Union. However, if such a European Certificate is issued, it has direct legal effects through the European Union, and no special procedure is required. Its purpose is, in particular, to facilitate heirs, legatees of direct inheritance rights in the demonstration of their rights in any country member in the European Union.


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