In the last couple of years many foreign physical persons had to registered limited companies in Bulgaria due to the legal ban for foreign individuals to acquire a land in Bulgaria. The ban currently exists for non-EU citizens who are forced to register companies only in order to own a land. Problems probably could occur now with the UK because of Brexit as many English citizens have liquidated their companies in Bulgaria and transferred the land on their names as individuals. Now they could probably have to set up companies again as to keep their properties.

Of course, there are foreign investors who establish companies in Bulgaria for the purpose of serious investments, but these are not a majority.

Bulgarian companies are also registered in the IT-sector due to the lower prices of employment in this sector in the region.

Bulgarian legal entities pay lower tax fees – 10%, but must be maintained and accounted every year as well as to publish its financial reports in the Bulgarian Commercial Register. Even the company has no activity, the manager /or his accountant/ has obligations to the tax office.

Also, if the company has no activity, instead of being liquidated, it is often offered to a person who wants to register a local company as to be saved taxes for opening and closing of two companies.

Our law firm offers all services in the commercial matter from registration of all types of companies in the country, changes in the companies status (including change of manager or management body/partners/company address, increasing or decreasing of the company capital, transfer of shares, etc), liquidation of the company, etc.



We represent individual and corporate clients on different forms of litigation, including:

- civil disputes (including claims between heirs, constructions claims, court division of properties in regime of co-ownership, etc.);

- commercial disputes - disputes between partners/shareholders, between company and third parties

- contract disputes

- property claims

- intellectual property claims

- data protection disputes

- labour and employment claims

- jurisdiction disputes in the private international law, including: whether the Bulgarian courts has jurisdiction to resolve the matter (in commercial or civil cases); recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and court orders issued under different EU Regulations in another Member State, etc.

We assist the clients from the same beginning of the dispute, trying to resolve it first through negotiations and signing of out-of-court agreement. If reaching of such agreement is not possible and the matter should be resolved through litigation, we have the ability, capacity and the experience to represent the client before all Bulgarian courts, including the Supreme courts, as our priority is to keep court costs to a minimum. Before starting of any court proceedings, we perform carefully examination of every issue involved in a claim, so that the client is to be aware about the costs of the other side in the process, which should be paid if the claim fails; about the documentary and real evidence needed to prove the case in the court; about the necessity of appointing of court expert` s opinion, if the matter requires professional valuation, etc.