We would like to point out that, since the beginning of 2018, some reliefs have been introduced for companies that did not operate during the reporting year. On first place, the requirement for companies without activity to submit to the National Revenue Agency an annual tax return was eliminated. Prior to the change, such a declaration was submitted by 31 March. From the other side, the requirement to publish the Annual Financial Report in the Commercial Register has been abolished. However, in order to benefit from the relief, companies must file a declaration of non-activity in the Commercial Register (declaration under Article 38, paragraph 9 of the Accountancy Law) by 31 March. If they miss this deadline, they remain obliged to publish reports in the Commercial Register.

Declaration of non-activity concerns all companies that did not operate during the reporting year. There is no state fee for publication of this declaration in the Commercial Register.

The active companies are still obliged to submit annual financial reports as the fee for publishing in the Commercial register is on the amount of BGN 40, if submitted on paper, or BGN 20, if submitted by electronic signature.

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