After 1-st of January 2022, the new Law on Digital Content and Digital Services for the Sale of Good is in force. The new law adds the provisions for customer protection in respect of sale of goods as completely new requirements about the traders are taking place. The new legislation is extremely formal and requires a number of documents to be prepared for protection of customers` rights.

With regards of the provisions of the above law, the owners of online stores should consider and coordinate their documentation, including the General Provisions of online store, with the conditions and requirements of the new legislation. As the legislation concerning the customers is in direct connection with the GDPR, the preparation of the full package of documentation should be considered very precisely.

On the other hand, the Law on customers predicted serious obligations for the traders when offering services from online platforms.

As the Customer Law is very formal, the owners of online stores should prepare a list of concrete documents in order to be saved a sanction imposed by the administrative body (Commission for Customer’s Protection).