Registration of company in Bulgaria /setting a business in Bulgaria

The procedure of company registration in Bulgaria is very simple and it includes the following steps:

1. keeping the name of the company ;

2. preparing of all relevant documents - articles of incorporation, protocol of general meeting, etc (depending on the type of the company)

3. opening of bank account the company’s capital and obtaining with certificate for the paid capital

4. submitting of all relevant documents in the Commercial register

The duration of the procedure depends on the time necessary for signing, verifying and obtaining of all necessary documents. The company is entered into the Commercial register within 3 days following the submission of the documents.

For the purpose of registration of the company the investor shall have an address in Bulgaria and accountancy’s statement about the respective capital (depending on the scope of activity of the company).

Our law firm is providing all services related with a company formation in Bulgaria and is working in association with an accountancy team.

Prepared by Valova and Angelova law firm