The death is a legal event that affects the closest relatives on different issues. In case of death of one spouse, the matrimonial property regime is considered terminated. If there was signed a marital agreement, then its regulation shall automatically apply regarding the assets acquired during the marriage. If there was not signed a marital agreement, then the inheritance by law shall apply. The applicable Bulgarian law is named Inheritance law from 1949.

Under the law the children of the deceased inherit in equal parts. The spouse inherits a portion equal to that of each child. When the deceased left only siblings, they inherit in equal parts.

The heirs are to be legitimized with a certificate of heirs, which is issued from the respective Municipality and it aims to point the circle of heirs who inherit the particular deceased person. The heirs should also submit in the respective municipality a declaration which is certifying that they are “accepting” the inheritance. After such declaration is submitted, the heirs shall be obliged to pay the respective annual property taxes over the inheritance property as full owners.

The heirs would be able to declare that they “refuse to accept” the inheritance which is made mainly in the cases when the inheritance consists more obligations instead of rights and assets. The procedure of refusal is handled before the court.

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